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6 - Interface Innovator

@Bill.French @ScottWorld I have installed the maps extension and successfully set up a field with the static map API to generate a static map based on an address and populate an image of that map as an attachment in a field for each record.

How do I get this to run automatically when a new record is created or a new record enters a specific view?

I have tried using the script from the extension in a script automation triggered by an event (new record, record enters a view etc.) and it doesn’t like the script from the extension

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You probably need a script automation that repeats the process and I’m not sure it can be done. I never use Google Maps or the maps extension because (a) Google is pricey, and (b) Mapbox is more programmable and able to work a little easier in event-driven processes.

I don’t know JavaScript.

If it were me, I would just do this without any coding by using to “get a static map image” from Google Maps.

This feature is built directly into Make:

MapBox isn’t supported by either Make or Zapier, but you could always create your own custom HTTP calls to MapBox by using the HTTP module:

I have spent 30 minutes on Make and it seems more complicated than setting stuff up in Airtable

What are you having difficulty with? It’s mostly drag-and-drop. Post a screenshot of what you’re trying to do.

just simply trying to get Make to use an address from a field in airtable, to use the google maps static map image feature and then return the static image to an attachment field in airtable for the same record

I know, that’s the same thing that you said in your original post.

If you know how to craft your own API calls with the HTTP module, MapBox might be easier, like @Bill.French said. You may even want to do this with

Otherwise, I have this working just fine with Make & Google Maps – below is what it looks like.

You’re probably getting stuck because Google Maps returns an image, but Airtable requires a URL. That’s why you always need to upload your images to a cloud drive first to get a valid URL:

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 7.04.51 PM

If you don’t instinctively know exactly what to do to address this requirement using automation script and MapBox, you are unlikely to succeed at the approach I use. That leaves you with three outs -

  1. Hire someone to build the automation process for you.
  2. Learn Make and do it yourself.
  3. Hire Scott to set it up in Make so you’ll know how to do it using a no-code approach that will be beneficial for possibly other requirements.

As to #1, I’m slammed until mid 2024, but there are a lot of great consultants here in the community.

As a newcomer to that platform, to master Make to solve this challenge, you’ll need at least 16 times that effort. This is why Make consultants are so valuable - they charge a lot, but they get the project on its feet in minutes.

got this set up today as a scripted automation in Airtable with about 30 minutes of support from

Excellent. You should share your approach here so others can follow in your footsteps.