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How can I populate a record field with the url of the record?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to use Zapier to publish airtable records as cards on Miro. It works fine, but the link back to Airtable is broken. Zapier needs the record URL and it's not being made available. I wondered if I could work around this by making the record of the URL a field in the record, so that Zapier can use it. Is this possible? Any tops would be much appreciated!

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The url of the expanded view of a record in a grid view is fairly easy to build. You can open Airtable in a web browser to examine the url. It has the base ID (appxxxxxxxxxxxxx), table ID, view ID, and record ID. You will need to hardcode all of those IDs except the record ID. You can get the record ID with the formula RECORD_ID()