Re: How do I conditionally populate of separate table?

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4 - Data Explorer

2 tables: Projects & Tasks.
Projects has fields “Project”–Project 1, Project 2, … and “Stage”–A, B, or C.
Tasks has fields “Task”–string, “Owner”–John or Jane, and “Task Stage”–A, B, or C.

Based on matching “Stage” in Projects & Tasks, I would like to populate newly generated assigned task tables, John’s Tasks & Jane’s Tasks, specific to “Owner” in Tasks.

Example: (one record in each table → desired output)
Projects - “Project” = Project 1; “Stage” = A
Tasks - “Task” = ‘fill out forms’; “Owner” = John; “Task Stage” = A

“Project”, “Stage”, “Task” should populate a record in John’s Tasks table.
(Project 1, A, ‘fill out forms’)

Can someone help?

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Does John/Jane need their own tables? Couldn’t you just have two filtered Views in the task Table?

They can be in the same table.
The functionality I’m missing is having tasks populate by Project based on Project Stage.

I don’t know what you mean by populate.

You have one table for Projects that links to Tasks. Each task has a field that links to its project and its owner. If you want to see the linked project’s {Stage} then add a Lookup field to the Task table that pulls in that info from the Projects table.

If you mean “when I assign a Project to a particular stage, auto-generate one or more Task records in the Task table” then do something like this:

Thank you, I’ll try this.