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4 - Data Explorer

  A good example of what I am trying to do . . . . when you fill out a job application and it says list your most recent employment and it provides categories for date, company, address, title, etcetera.  I want the person answering to be able to say I have two and then a table is created where they can then fill in the information for each.  The number would/could be different for individuals answering . . . I want airtable to take the answer to one question and create a custom table within the questionnaire to collect the data needed for the specific number answered.

How do I create something like this in airtable?

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Hi @kanovaj,

This level of form complexity is not achievable directly with Airtable forms. You could try and implement something similar creating temporary fields in the form to capture each experience and then having an automation that runs after the form has been submitted creating each experience on the side table. However, this does not offer a great user experience when filling in the form.

I would, instead, suggest creating the form in Jotform, a form builder that you can connect/integrate with Airtable so that the user interacts with Jotform but you get the final records and the data all centralised in your Airtable base upon submission. In Jotform you have much more sophisticated layout options, at this link you can find a list of Jotform templates to get some inspiration:

I hope this helps!