Is there a way to use Find Records in an Automation to pull data directly from linked record?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I'm trying to pull data directly from linked record in an Automation by using the Find Records action with a Condition to match the Record ID which i added to the main record via Lookup field. BUT when I try to reference the Rec ID field it says "no valid nested options"?? I am using the gear icon to match and find the record

Is there some way to lookup a linked record and pull data into Automation directly, ie without adding fields manually to the main record?

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Do you always have exactly one linked record when you run the automation? You should be able to do a "Find Records" action to find the linked record and then access the data in that linked record from the results of the "Find Records" action.

If you are trying to do something different, can you share screen shots of your automation configuration and screen shots of the data you are trying to access?

In that field there is only one linked record. So other than pulling a lookup field into the main record can you tell me how I would access a linked record using the main record then get data from a field in the linked record to populate an Email such as an email address or other piece of data?