limit of individual messages sent by automation with Gmail action

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Help please! I cannot figure this out. (I thought I'd posted this earlier but it doesn't look like it went through....)

I have about 5000 people in a base and I need to send individual emails to them, so 5000 email messages total. The emails will contain a link to a form prepopulated with a couple pieces of their individual info, and I need them to update their info using the form. I had everything working but apparently overlooked the possibility that somebody would limit the number of these emails that I can send. I don't know whether the problem is with Airtable, or Gmail. The Gmail account being used is a Workspace account (not a free account). 

What are the limits for this sort of thing and who are they imposed by? Is this something I just can't do? If so, what's my alternative? I need this ASAP so be grateful for any help. 


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I have another problem with this task. I started sending out emails before I remembered that there is (?) a limit on the number of individual emails I can send using Google Workspace. The automation is triggered when I change value in a single-select field from empty to "Send email now". Here's the problem:

  • I triggered the automation for 952 records. At that point, I turned the automation off (because I was realizing I had a problem).
  • The automation, when it runs to completion, changes the value in the trigger field to "Email Sent". 231 records show this value.
  • But looking in the Sent folder of the Google Workspace account, there are a little over 500 emails that appear to have gone out. 

I don't understand the discrepancy between 231 marked as sent in Airtable, and 500+ in the Sent folder in Google Workspace. I can only guess that there's a latency in the automation that caused the next to last step of the automation to run (sending the email) and that the last step in the automation (update the sent-status field) did NOT run to completion because I turned the automation off. Does this make any sense at all?