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4 - Data Explorer


I am trying to automate my order fulfillment process. It's a subscription service where products are in a certain sequence. Subscriptions can be monthly, 6-month, or 12-month. The products are the same and sent out every month but need to be in a specific sequence and depend on the customer's subscription type. I want to generate an output file for the customer when they place an order with the products for the complete duration of their subscription so I can track where they are and how many orders are left in the future.
I am creating an automation where the trigger is 'when a record is created' in the Orders table. Then, I use 'Find Records' which searches for records in another table (product table which lists each product delivered every month) depending on the condition where subscription equals subscription type. Then 'repeat for each in the list of records' creates a record. The problem I am running into is it generates the complete output list with all the products for the next 4 years. I want to limit the output to a specific type of subscription e.g. to generate 6 products for the 6-month, and 12 for a 12-month subscription. How do I achieve this?

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