Link a record from tableA to TableB when two fields in each of the tables have matching values.

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi I'm brand new to Airtable.

I am building a database for tracking which assets our staff have.

I have 2 x tables: People and Computers

The value in the field in the People table is the same value in the Last User field in table Computers.

I have created a Computers1 field in People that links to Computers, but I have to click and find the computer in each record.

given I have matching data in both tables, how do I automate getting them Linked?

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If the primary field of People is, you can just copy the values from Last User and paste it into linked field to People in Computers

This would work as a one off, but how to automate this process as single records come in will depend on how data's getting populated in your base.  If new records are getting created in Computers, and the primary field of People is, then you can create an automation that'll trigger when a record is created and its action will be to paste the Last User value into the linked field for example