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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey guys,

I am having an issue with a formula field not showing up in a teams message. I have a formula field inserted into the body of the message, the formula is just "Required" or "Not Required" text. But when I test the action the formula field's text doesn't show on the teams message. Has anyone encountered this or know a fix for this?


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Hm, could you try re-testing your trigger to ensure that your testing data has the formula field populated?

Yes, I have done that already. 



As you're certain your automation's test data already includes the formula field's output and it's still not showing up during tests, I would recommend attempting to recreate the automation entirely.  If that doesn't work, that means that there's a bug with the integration with Teams and you should open a support ticket with Airtable directly

Yeah, it seems to be a problem with the Teams integration. I found a work around using the email address associated with the channel, the formula field shows up when sent to the channel as an email but not a message.

Thank you for your help!