Re: My download link alters the file (image) name

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4 - Data Explorer


  • I have a list of images in my table.
  • Every image has a unique name. 
  • When I generate links for those images, the script alters the file name in something like  M3dW46KbO3yqx_jfWYnF3SwxGH6d9PEdzd4yeZbX3dID2qspnfxaSfTEpkB3b7iNsbSQj4Hpg/10xqzlyS2mPOE3cH5VsVa9R66zIEbaZyldHHlpcvqmA
  • This is not ideal, as I need these images to have the original name.

Is there a way around this annoyance?

Thank you

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No. There is no workaround. The URLs for attachments are expiring URLs that will only work for a few hours. These URLs have no meaningful data and no filename. Airtable does not want to be a CDN for attachments. 

Scripting can get the file names, but it would not be a part of the URL.

Depending on what you want to do with the files/URLs, you may need to use a different service for hosting your attachments.