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6 - Interface Innovator

I need to take the fields visible in a particular view, and convert it to a pdf that I can then send via email. Is this possible via airtable automations?

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Yes - the approach you use will depend on the reporting requirements. Here’s a related post -

This is possible with Airtable automations, but probably not a as straightforward as you would like, and possibly requires multiple steps.

Step 1: Create a pdf file with field data.

Airtable automations cannot do this directly. However, you can use a script that gets the field values and then sends the data to a 3rd party service to create a pdf file.

Step 2. Where to put the pdf file

Some pdf creation services will send the actual pdf and others will provide a link to the .pdf file on their servers. If the .pdf file is on their servers, it will exist for only a limited amount of time, so you will probably need to move it to somewhere else, like in an attachment field. If the 3rd party service sends you the actual file, you will need to put the .pdf file somewhere else.

Step 3. How to send the email

If you send the email through Airtable automations, you can send either the .pdf file itself, or a link to the .pdf file. If the pdf file is stored as an attachment to the record, you can simply attach the attachment. Note that this might need to be a second automation that is triggered after the attachment is uploaded to the record.

You might also want to investigate using Zapier or Integromat if you do not feel up to writing code or do not have the budget to hire a coder.