Re: Possible to Link One Summary Box with Another One to AutoPopulate Data?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi All,

As a background, I currently have three tables in the same base.

1) An Idea Submission Table

2) A Rubric Table

3) A Summary Table

Individuals were able to use a Form to link their rubric scores to specific ideas. This created a column in the Idea Submission Table called 'Rubric' which linked all of the ideas with their specific rubrics.

I now need to take all of the rubrics and score the averages - something that I am able to do by linking the individual Rubric Scores on a third table called by Summary Score Table. However, I realized that rather than do it manually, I already had all of the linked scores.

I created a lookup column, and I am able to bring them in to the Table. However, they are not populating the scores. So, I was thinking I needed to use the second lookup column I have, which DOES WORK for Average Scores - but it will not let me copy and paste those linked records into this linked records lookup, and I cannot figure out how to automate it.

In the attached, I essentially need to find a way to move the Rubric Column into the Summary Column so it will populate the records.

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Hmm, assuming the "Summary" linked field always only has one record, you could try creating an automation that will trigger whenever a record gets linked in there, and its action would be to update the newly linked record with all of the values from the Rubric Column?

I feel like there might be a simpler way to do this though.  If you could provide some screenshots of example data and example output you'd want I could see what I can come up with!