Problem with getting Update records via Make

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Hello all,



I am new to airtable and I started struggling with a few things. For my Base is Financial Data setup and I also use Make integration that collects some financial data via HTTP reqest, parse data and send as update to airtable to existing fields.

My table contains different fields some are $, some are Numbers format, some are timestamp and some are text.


First problem i encounter is when Maker gets data, and wants to Update record it works fine but only if all is 1:1. It fails if some of the records in HTTP request are Blank, or have "-" or for example "NA".

Problem i assume is because airtable field is set for Number and Make is sending update as Value=char/sign.

The other field was expecting a timestamp but Make was sending blank value and that failed which is weird why it would. I suppose it should just skip value.


This problem is regarding same issue but is very weird one.

In my HTTP request/api call, i have 3 fields and all of them are timestamps in USA format. I tried multiple combinations on how to set Airtable Date field, and at some point i got value when i set European format on my fields. Somehow that field got populated correctly. But then I did run full HTTP request to get all other fields and now it failed on the other 2 fields. All 3 fields in API are exactly same format USA standard, and in airtable all 3 are European. I tried of course changing all possible values in Airtable for other 2 fields, even tried TEXT field and nothing word. most weird was that Simple txt did not work as well.


Last question i have if anyone have experience with Make (for some limitations i could not use Free Zapier plan).

My HTTP request is limited to 5 records only within 5 mins, and i need to collect 100 records. Timing is not a matter to me so this can all finish in like few days as long as it gets all data. The problem is that i don't know how to make "Pause" and cut data from Make in chunks. There is "Pause function itself but that one is allowing only 10min query or it will fail, so this function is def not for my purpose, 

What I need to do, send HTTP request, that will run query based/against on first 5 records in airtable, collect data, Update in airtable, pause 5, 10, 20min it does not matter, and run HTTP request for next 5 records and so on until finish all 100 or whatever number will be at that point. After that it should ideally stop as I don't need loop. I need all this to be done once in a month.

Currently, I use Airtable free plan to see if all these work and suit my needs, so I cannot use scripts or other advanced things in this point so I am limited to free stuff only. Same thing is with Make as well.

Can anyone assist with any of this, please?

Thanks in advance

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