Re: "User is over daily status update limit" Twitter Error during Automation

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I had an automation setup to tweet some stuff when a condition was met. It was working fine up until this morning and now I’m getting an error “User is over daily status update limit.” But we’ve only tried to tweet like 4 things so I know I’m well under the limit.
Anyone have any issues with the twitter automation?

Also, anyone have work arounds for error handling in automations other than writing a script? Currently, after I tweet, I update a field to annotate that it’s been tweeted but in the cases where it doesn’t go through, I’d like to update it with “error” or something like that. I’m in the process of building out a script for this automation to make it more flexible but would love to know if there are other ways around it.

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Coincidentally, I’ve been venturing into Twitter Apps and API - and I set up a very simple Airtable Tweet Automation as a starting point. I’ve just noticed that it too has been failing with “User is over daily status update limit.” - but this Automation is literally the only thing posting to my test Twitter account, and it’s only posting once a day.

Manually re-running the failed automation run, it executes as I’d expect.

Weird that it’s a sporadic problem.

I would test with Make’s Twitter modules to see if you get the same error messages.

If so, then it’s probably an issue on Twitter’s end. If not, then it is probably some sort of an Airtable bug, and I would report it to

I would also test with the same posts, in case there’s something about the text of the post that is causing the error: