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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello Everyone,

I schedule content releases for our media vendors through our Website, We change the release date a lot according to delivery factors, like Dubbing/ Subing / Pandemic delivery circumstances.

Our Marketing team needs to see any updates happens if any changes happened in the release date, but also needs to see the old value of the release date, so they need to trigger an email once a release date has been changed, also include the old release date inside the same email.

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 2.50.24 AM

Is there a way I can automate a copy of each older release date to the field ( Old Release Date )
let’s say my initial release date is 16/05/2021, Old release date is empty or the same as the release date
The new release date is: 18/5/2021 old release date is: 16/05/2021
again, a newer release date is 20/05/2021 old release date is: 18/05/2021, and so on.

I have a Pro Airtable account and Zapier as well, Can I automate this somehow? Thank you guys for your time, appreciate it

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Once the value of a field changes, you cannot access the old value programmatically. You need to store the date in two fields, one that only the user changes, and another that only the automation changes. When the user updates his date field, it triggers the automation. Then your automation (1) sends the email with both the new date and the old day, and (2) updates it’s date field so the date fields match again.

Thanks @kuovonne , Can you please give more details.

I can always send a copy of the existing release date to the field ( Old Release Date )
but every time I will change the release date, it will also send the new release date to the field ( Old release date ) however what I wanted from that specific field is only to keep the last value prior to the existing one.

I imagine, there should be somehow to create a comparison field, that takes a copy of each prior value that I have at the moment, I can see the older value is there in each record log history.

I still need some help , Thanks guys