Repeating Group Automation: Pull From All Tables in Base

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I am hoping to use the new "repeating groups" feature to send me an email reminder a week before the due date for all the records in my base, which has several tables. When I go to "find records," it makes me choose just one table. Would it be possible to pull the records from all the tables at once so I don't have to remake the same automation for each table? I figured the idea of "repeating groups" was to avoid remaking the same automation over and over. Thank you!

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Hmm I'd bet your base could be optimized to have due dates stored in the same table and tasks/deliverables categorized via views vs. in multiple tables. This way, the Find Records conditional logic would be able to evaluate a single source.

You could also have multiple consecutive Find Records + email steps in the same automation and even nested Find Record steps but this can quickly overcomplicate things.

The main benefit of repeating groups is to do the same thing to all the items in a list with a single automation run and no helper fields. For example, you can use a repeating group to to individually process each record found in a "Find records" action. Prior to repeating actions, each record processed typically used on automation run (unless you used scripting), even if there was only one defined automation.

How are you using repeating groups with your "Find records"?
You can do multiple "Find records" actions in the same automation, and then put the result of all those actions in a single email. Your resulting email might look a little strange for tables with no found records, but should be good enough for internal usage.

You're right, I think it would work better if I reorganized the base so everything is in one table. Thank you for responding!

Thank you for your response! I think it will just take some time to get used to the repeating groups feature. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "processing" a record?