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6 - Interface Innovator

I have an automation run when a field is updated on a record. The field type is linked records. The automation runs a script that sorts the linked records based on the fields in the linked record (status and date).

Sometimes after the automation runs, what is displayed when you expand the field or open the record to check the field to see if the sort worked, will not display correctly. When I refresh the page and look at the field again on the record it will be in the correct order. It seems to not display correctly until you refresh the page.

I think the problem comes in when you make multiple updates dragging multiple linked records around in the field causing it to trigger multiple times.

Is there a way for the update trigger to not go until you close out the record?

There seems to be a display bug due when you update a field while an automation triggered by a field update is running. What is actually stored in the field is correct, but it will not display correctly until you refresh the page to see what the field in that record actually is storing.

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Not currently. If you use the “when record updated” trigger, then the automation will trigger as soon as you make any update, even if you aren’t done making your changes. I suggest that you use a different trigger. This support article has some ideas.

It seems a little counter-intuitive to have to update another field or do something else to run the automation. Then its not automated, you are basically just telling it when to run.

I just did some more testing and just by adding a linked record to a field the automation ran like 4 times. I can see this easily eating through all my automations for the month and it is really a waste of CPU/Memory to run that often.

I can’t really run the automation when it comes into view because I am working with Linked Records. I’m am a little bit at a loss of what to do.

There is a display bug still, but that is really besides the point.

I will come back tomorrow and revisit to see if I can think of another way to do it that isn’t so wasteful with our automation runs for the month.

Thanks for your reply though. I appreciate it.

You could also look into having a delay before the automation runs. This method requires a bit more setup and the delay might be longer than you want. But it would use fewer automation runs.

Thanks @kuovonne I think I will give that a try. It seems like it might be the best option.