Re: Sending email to specified group when condition met.

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I have the following bases tables:

- Team

- Emails


Teams has records of people grouped by single select types of teams (Management, Development, Operations).

Emails has email records that is populated by a form. The form asks for, among other things, the group it is to be sent to. This is a separate field not linked to the team field in Teams. 

Once the email has been approved, i have a trigger when the status of the email submitted is "good to go".

I would like to know how to go about automating sending an email when that is done, to the defined group of people. e.g. Team "Management" is selected on the email submission form, once approved the an email sends to that group.

Appreciate any help 🙂


PS: Is there a way to manually send an email from airtable? Perhaps it can be modified to send when a different form is filled out, with say subject line, body, etc.

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I'm assuming you'll sync between your bases. You could use "when a record matches conditions" as a trigger, where {field x} = "good to go". 

Then use a lookup field to search for records in your Teams table, where {team field from Teams table} = {team field from Emails table} (use dynamic input).

Then the email step, where you can use a list from the found emails in your lookup step, to put in the "to" field. 

I will check this out, thank you!

And edited ot, meant to say tables not bases.