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4 - Data Explorer


I need some help with creating an automation. I attempted it, but was unsuccessful.
I have a base called "CRM". In that base are tables called "Bookings Log" and "People".
Here is what I want to happen in the automation:
1. When a record is created in "Bookings Log"
2. The automation searches a specific view in "People" to see if there is a matching email address (as compared to the record in "Bookings Log"). This email address will be dynamic.
3. If there is NOT a matching email address, a message is sent to Slack
Could someone please help me to create this automation?
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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Which part failed for you? Please post screenshots of your setup. This should be pretty straightforward with either Airtable's Slack automations or with Make's Slack automations. I prefer Make because it has significantly more power & customizability than Airtable's Automations, but Make also has a bit of a learning curve.