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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve created base and table, to which all new orders from my Woocommerc shop are imported through Zapier.
I wanted to create an automation (through Airtable, not Zapier) that would send me an e-mail with the number of orders and their sum at the end of the day. I’ve created automation to run every day, and search for orders which day is “today”. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way, to sum order amount and insert it into an e-mail.
Do you have any tips on how to do that? Do you think it is even possible?

Thanks in advance!

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This requires a scripting action. You would put the scripting action after the find action and before the email action. Have the script input the data from the find action, calculate the sum, and then output the sum to be used in the email action.

I created a script to help you do this, along with a second script to swap out the email address if no records are found.

The scripts are available on my Gumroad store (scroll until you see Airtable Script: Helpers for Email Automations). These scripts are currently available on a “pay what you want” basis.

Here is a YouTube video demo with instructions on how to setup and use the scripts.

@Rebecca_Elam might also be interested in these.