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4 - Data Explorer

Hey forum!

Im trying to update a record via a sync from another base.

Basically, I have two bases that are synced; one is with a customer and one is with my internal team.

The customer provides the project, and it syncs to my internal base for my team to begin working on it. When its updated, I have it synced back to the customer for the updated information.

I basically have a tab in the customer’s base that is our synced data; then link that information into the customers tab.

What id like to do is not have to link the information coming from us; Id rather be able to update the record based on a trigger (estimate quoted, delivery date proposed, etc…)

Is there an easy way to do this? I tried using the update record automation, but it seams to not work for adding that link to a specific project.


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Welcome to the Airtable community!
that sounds like should be easy to do via automation, and there are several ways to do it. what kind of error do you have?
(i suppose you know that you can’t update synced fields, but if update step passed the test, it should work)

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks Alexey -

Im receiving an error “Received invalid inputs”.

Heres the series that Im hoping to accomplish -
Company x submits pricing via Company s’s base.
That is synced into Company y’s base.
I want to pull that info into a different tab in Company y’s base.
In order to do that, I need to link the record.
**Id like the automation to update the record in Company y’s working base once pricing is submitted.

IF it isnt possible to automate that, totally fine

okay, i hope i’m understand you right.
you need 3 steps

  1. ‘when record updated’ (or record created) - depending on submitting method. For ‘update’ you should add price field
  2. ‘find records’ - you should find target record (to where you want to link) using info in step 1
    usually that’s a record in other table, according to some data in updated record.
    Find by condition, "where “Company” is/contains {'press +, choose ‘dynamic’, find necessary field and value

don’t forget to test each step. if step fails and you corrected, perform tests again, starting from all previous steps
3) ‘update records’ - where you should define record to update (step 1)
, field to update (set your linked field) and the most important part - value to add.
Linked field gets only “recordID” (or array of id’s for multiple links)*

like this, but your step 2 will be “Find Records”


*-airtable announced that record names (primary field value) can be used as well in automations, but i would recommend use ID at start. or try both ways

Ayiyi -

I cant figure this out - Still giving me the same error message. ill have to table this for a week.


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09/03/21, 04:14:27 PM

check execution history.
your step#2 may be set wrong and find more than single record

it expects a single record from you.

if you need to pass array, you should use other setting or insert scripting step in the middle, get input as “list of values”, name somehow ike “record_Ids”, and insert code

let x= input.config().record_Ids; let y;
…do smth with x to get array of IDs …=> reccrNxGPgU018,recGfXnQzWS,recCKvaFPCxn
y=x? x.split(’,’):null;