Troubleshooting Default Value Lookup Automation

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4 - Data Explorer

I have built an automation and it works very well. When I open a new row in the "Projects" table, it automatically adds the necessary tasks in the "Tasks" table. It also fills in the default values. Great. Unfortunately, I cannot insert a default value from the "Projects" table as a lookup. I can select it, but nothing happens. Does anyone have a tip?

When I do the preview, the value appears, but only the one already created. In my case "test".

Or is this only possible via the "Create child linked records" script?




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I’m having a hard time picturing what you want. Lookup fields are calculated, so you cannot set them directly. They are set based on the linked record field. 

If you want to set an editable field in the new record to a current value of the triggering record, you can do that. If you want to set an editable value in the new record to the default value of the triggering record, there is no way for the automation to know what the default value is, but if you know the default, you can hard code it. 

While a script can be used to set values, there are many ways to do things with scripts, so no one script is ever the only answer. There are some things that can only be done with scripts in automation (like deleting records), but there is never only one script that can be used. And some things cannot be done in scripts—scripts do not have access to the default value of a field.

I apologise if I have not made myself clear. Thank you for trying to understand and to help. English is not my mother tongue.

I have two tables: PROJECTS and TASKS. When I create a new project in Projects, let's call it "kuovonne" :-), the individual steps are automatically created in Tasks. That's great.

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Unfortunately, the project name is not copied. I did it briefly in Photoshop, as I would like it to be...

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Thank you!