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Two questions about Automations:

  1. I have a record in a table that is linked to multiple records in another table. I have a trigger set up that triggers when a record in table A matches a certain condition. This works fine.

As the action, I wish it to update all records that a linked to the triggering record. This works when only a single record is linked in table B but fails when there are multiple. How can this be resolved?

  1. I have an Automation set up to send a Slack message to a channel when a new record is added to a table. This works fine when the record is added via a form as all the data in the fields is added at the same time. However, when a new record is added in Grid view, the automation triggers as soon as I tab away from adding data in the first field of the record. This causes a Slack message to be sent with missing data. Eg: “A new invoice for “” has been added with the cost: “”.”, rather than something like “A new invoice for “McDonalds” has been added with the cost: “99p”.”.

I really hope there are solutions to both of these.


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Hi @Neil_Tonge

Did you use a “find” action here? Unfortunately, a “find” + “update record” action combined doesn’t work when the “find” returns more than 1 record. A real shame and I hope they change this functionality quickly.

If you combine input via form and via manual adding, I would add a checkbox and use the trigger “when record matches conditions”.

The only way to pull this off is to use a script. Scripting actions in automations are only available if your base is in a Pro-plan workspace or higher, but IMO it’s well worth the investment. There’s so much you can do with scripts that can’t be done any other way inside the automation environment as it’s currently designed.