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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a schedule I am using Airtable for. 

Each Day of the Week and Associated time has an ID (ex. All Mondays at 4 = 1)

I have the ability for people to fill out a form and request a timeslot, but they may want the timeslot for the entirety of the season which I allow them to request. 

I have an automation that looks at the form request, sees that they are requesting all season and gets the ID and then finds all the other timeslots for the following weeks with that ID. 

I would then like to update each of those records with the person requesting so it is removed from the list and on the main calendar as booked. 

Any ideas on how to do this? 

Also made me think of an amazing feature that would be the ability to dynamically update a Views based on something automated Filter so you can then set automation of anything entering that view. 

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I assume you're able to identify all the records that would need to be updated via a "Find record" action by searching for that ID you mentioned right?  Once that's done, you could use repeating group functionality with an "Update record" action to update each of those found records

The main limitation you'd face is that the "Find record" can only find up to 100 records at once though.  Is that an issue?