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Update airtable record with integromat

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I would like to update a record in airtable,
The record is a PDF file I created in my Google drive and now I want it to be a record in airtable.

I don’t know how to fill these fields: File URL
Can you please help and send example what to fill in?


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Hi @Ariel_Sigler

I did some testing with a scenario setup and it seems the only way I could get this to work, is by using a URL field in Airtable.

I will attach screenshots to show my setup below.

Hope it helps.

image image image image image

Thanks again so much.
Your help is so important and crucial.

I did exactly as you suggested, but I want at the end to update a record which contains a file.
SO see below that I was asked to add a File URL address . I am not sure from where and how to get this information.


@M_k I wouldn’t recommend using the “Download A File” module. Just use the Google Drive “Get A Share Link” module instead:

Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 10.07.52 AM

Thank you very much!
You are absolutely correct.
No need to upload a file. Better upload the link.
Let me know If I can return you back a favor.

Hi @ScottWorld

I wondered if you could take a quick look at this scenario that I did, following you example. I am not getting any PDF attached to a record. The field is an Attachment with an array.

Screenshot 4 has no data coming through, in the GDrive, together with the yellow tags. It’s the Attachment field.

Thank you,

image image image image image

@M_k In your 2nd screenshot, you need to change it from “User” to “Anyone”, which is also what it says right on the screen there. In your screenshot, it says: “If you need to generate a download link for any kind of service, set Type to ‘Anyone’ and Role to ‘Reader’”

Hi @ScottWorld

Well, it shows you how much I read these things, eh. :grinning:

I’ll give it another go!


You can use the Web Content Link to access file directly, rather than add the second GDrive module. But it still has to be public.

Hi @Joe_Hand, @ScottWorld

I did it!!!

I created another attachment field and it worked!

Yay! :grinning:


@M_k Fantastic to hear! :slightly_smiling_face:

This has actually been deprecated by Integromat. This will only work for older scenarios that are grandfathered in. For any new scenarios, we are now required to add the new “Get A Share Link” module to grab the “web content link”.

Hi @ ScottWorld

Interesting you should mention that, I was only able to map it from the second module, as it turned out.



Thank you for your help with this, I realize you are busy.