Update form not working, unsure why

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4 - Data Explorer

I use Airtable for timesheet purposes.  The employee completes a form in Airtable, and then that causes a row to be created in my Timesheets table.  Then the payroll staff go in and click an "Update Row" button on the row to enter the date paid. My primary field was a concatenated field of Last Name, First Name, Date Worked when I realized that a person can have 2 rows for the same date which apparently broke my automation.  I have been researching this all day and I do not know how to fix it.  Someone pretty please help! Screenshots included. Thank you!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

you are getting the error because you have more than 1 record returned but you only the ability to update 1 record. hence the invalid inputs.  You should put in a conditional before your update to make sure you are only updating 1 record in your update.


that doesn't solve your bigger problem, however, if situations when you have 2 time sheet entries on the same day.  For example, someone works a split or they work the over night shift.  Depending on your work laws you would want to sum up the total hours worked on that day which would require another table that aggregates that together.

Thank you! I tried to put in a conditional, but it's still giving me the "received invalid inputs" error (see attached screenshot).  Please forgive me, as I am an Airtable newbie.  Thanks for any help you can offer!