update item status when expiration_date < today()

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I have an item status field the contains the values active, expired, and delete. in addition, I have another calculated field that contains the expiration date of the item. I want to set an automation that will run daily and change item status to expired when expiration_date < today(). I tried using the attached automation but it didnt change the status as I expected. 

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11 - Venus

Hi @almogw,

"When record match conditions", only one record is updated at a time; if you want to update all records at once a day, you can trigger "At a scheduled time" to search for records using "Find Records" and update multiple records using "Repeating Group". "Find Records" only shows up to 100 records, so you may need multiple records with different trigger times.

Community Manager
Community Manager

This automation will only run if a record enters that condition after the automation is turned on.  You can try changing the field that is "active" to something else and back to Active to see if that gets the response you want.  It would be helpful to show what you are getting to help debug why.

Thanks! this is a screenshot from 2024-04-08. as you can see, the expiration date was 2024-04-05 but the status is not changed. 


maybe it has something to do with the run history?



Do you mean the it will only update one row and stop? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

What does the record history say?

One automation ends with one record, but if there are multiple records, the automation is run each time.
Not a good method if there are many rows.
If you update 100 rows in one run, you can save the automation count.

I didn't quite understand. What are you suggesting?