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4 - Data Explorer

Is there anyway to generate an automation that updates field records within a table by matching values in a different column, similar to an Index/Match function, between AirTable and Google Sheets? 

Essentially, my team manages IRB protocols and we need to track due dates for annual reviews. I'm trying to have the due dates updated in AirTable once the annual review due date is scheduled. Due dates are updated arbitrarily by my institution throughout the year, so I was planning to do a manual export from the institutional data source to a google sheet on a regular basis. Then, once the google sheet is updated, I want to run an automation that updates the Due Date for each corresponding IRB Protocol. Is there currently a way to do this only using AirTable & Google Sheets? My institution doesn't allow for 99% of external extensions. 

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So the automation that updates the Due Date runs on Google Sheets, then you want that data fed back into Airtable?

There's a 'When row created' trigger for Google Sheets, so if you can figure out a workflow to use that you could then use Find Record and Update Record actions accomplish that

There's also Google Apps Scripts too