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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone! I am posting here, because it seems I cannot figure it out properly.

I am simply looking for a way for our AirTable base to auto-populate responses based on a selection I make within the base. For example if i enter a name of an employee, I would like their manager to auto-populate in a column next to it.

I thought this could be done through the automations tab, but i seem to be missing a setting that will allow this to occur, so i was thinking I made need a script to accurately create this? Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Hey Matt, you could do this with an automation or a formula field really, or possibly a combination of both depending on how your data is set up

With a formula, you’d use the SWITCH() function (Documentation here)

With an automation, you’d set it to use conditional actions and such

Could you provide a screenshot of your data perhaps?