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Hi AT community, reaching out to get some help with an automation :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a table that has records categorized by state (e.g. CA, OR) through a single-select field and I want to be able to build an automation that goes like: when records match this condition (a selection of states), then update the record and assign this other field to a specific region (e.g. Pacific Coast). That way, I can automatically have records be assigned a region based on the state of that record. I haven’t been able to properly do it through the automation but it seems like a use case that should be simple to build in with an automation… For reference, the issue I had was specifically on the second part of the automation – meaning I was able to identify records that matched the conditions I selected, but then I couldn’t figure out how to properly assign those to states without the automation giving me an error. Any suggestions on how to go about it? Thanks so much!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey Sam, if you’re using countries/states you’re best off using the SET_TIMEZONE - Supported Timezones | Airtable Support function. You can find bases in airtable universe that already have those functions written.

Thanks for the reply @ Daniel_Boventer! Yes, I’m getting the invalid inputs. Attaching screenshot for clarity on the actual error.
Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 11.26.11

Hi Sam, from your screenshot one of the issues you’re facing is due to the Record ID field having an incorrect input; it needs to be the ID of the triggering record

Here’s a link to the documentation which contains the information that should solve that issue for you

Hey Adam_TheTimeSavingCo, thanks for your response. When you say “ID of the triggering record”, you mean the record that should be updated with the trigger (based on match conditions), right? Or what’s the right definition? Still unable to laid it out properly. :confused: Any further guidance would be highly appreciated!

Hi Sam, you’ll need to set up your automation so it looks like this:

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 11.59.45 AM

And here’s the option highlighted:

Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 12.02.25 PM

If you still have issues feel free to DM me a creator link to your base and I’ll sort it for you