Using Automation to create a new record and auto-populate certain data

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I am new here and am trying to find a way to create a new record (and auto-populate some data into this new record) when the user pushes a button on a different table.


I have table A and table B. I want to find a way whereby if the '2024 Definate Grow out' box is checked on a given record in table A, a new record is automatically inserted into table B, which copies over some of the data from the relevant record in table A into this new record in table B.


I have managed to create an automation which inserts a new record in Table B every time I push the button on a record in Table A, but do not know how to copy across the data into the new record on Table B or if this is even possible. 


Thank you! 



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In your "create record" step, you should be able to add fields ("+ Choose fields") from your table B and match them with values from fields in your table A. 



Thanks Databaser, 

I can see that I can add the fields to table B as part of the 'create record' step, but I am wondering if I can pull the relevant values across from table A into my new record in table B. Do you know if this can be done? I effectively want to create a duplicate record in table B, for each of the table A records that I check the box on.

Thanks so much for your help! 


Best wishes, 


The "field" of table A that you set for table B, like "Name" in the rectangle with the blue "+", will actually transfer the data inside that field, not the field itself. You could create a record in table B and link it to the original one in table A and use lookup and/or rollup fields.