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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Is there any way, to use data from the linked record without looking-up all needed fields to the view?
To picture that: 

1st notice field is a linked record for the "Document number" from another view. I want to send an auomatic email that is having some variables from the linked record, but without looking up all needed columns to the view, becuase my database is already quite heavy and I have around 60 columns hidden.

Based on this example, in document number paul1 we have linked record of another document - Anna 1 and we look up for the attachment from this record - 1st notice attachment. Now I can obviously use this attachment in email. But would it be possible without calling it to the view?


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I'd need to see some sample code, and would be good if you could reclarify your concerns - So that I understand, from what you've described so far - You have a Record from table A, that holds a recordID of a record in Table B in a Link Field, that then you'd like to return attachment details from Table B of that Link Field recordID?

If I'm correct in understanding, for similar problems I've had to do a two step to dig into Link Field records - I don't think it's uncommon (and I don't believe there's any alternative method, but keen to understand if there is).

Often, I am working 3 tables deep - Project record in the first table, Task record in the second table, and a Task Dictionary record as the third table, so two Link fields and 3 tables worth of RecordIDs does take a bit of skill to master. 😅