Creating an automation to find records based on condition

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Hi everyone,
I’m creating an automation to find records based on various conditions from a table.
I have two tables let say Entrepreneurs and Midwest Investors.
when a form submitted in Entrepreneurs then I am trying to find a records from Midwest Investors that matches with new record in Entrepreneurs. Here are the condition

Conditions are:
Midwest Investors with Entrepreneurs

Investment stage has any of Investment stage

Investment verticals has all of Industry

Ideal revenue is Annual Revenue
(Projected This year)

Investment Geography has any of What region’s doe’s the
Company operates in.

The above 2 condition should always match to proceed further but in airtable automation all conditions are either in “AND” or “OR”.

So, how to achieve my goal here?

Also, how to create document with matched data for entrepreneurs(if its possible to create sheet).

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