What RecordID do I use in my Update Automation - getting "record does not exist"

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4 - Data Explorer

Aha! So I’m making some progress. I think I’m one step off making something work in Airtable.

So I have two tables: AcademyEventsList and AcademyTriggerEvent.

In the AcademyEventsList table is a list of all my online classes with students. The fields are: UserID (an automated number), Event Date (a date and time), Event Name (text field), DaysToGo (a formula that calculates how long between the event date and now), Hours To Go (same but hours)

In the AcademyTriggerEvent table is just one record. Here are the fields: TriggerID which is just a number, TriggerEventDate (date and time), TriggerEventName (text).

My automation intention is that: When DaysToGo= 5 ->the record in AcademyTriggerEvents is updated with the EventName and EventDate from the record in AcademyEvents that has 5 days to go.

I’m almost there but I’m stuck on what the Record ID should be.

I’m getting the error message “The record does not exist” when I test it. I can see that the Fields are bringing in the right information, so I suspect its the RecordID part that I’m messing up.

What should RecordID be in this case? Big thanks.

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Hmm, given that you only have one record in AcademyTriggerEvent, if I were you I’d:

  1. In AcademyTriggerEvent create a new formula field called “Record ID” or some such, and give it the formula RECORD_ID()
  2. In your automation, in the Update Record action, paste the value of the “Record ID” field from the previous point

I think this should work!

Thanks. When you say paste the value of the “Record ID” field from the previous point, do you mean “Airtable record ID” that shows in the pulldown?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Also, when it says *Record ID id of the record to update - what is the value that goes in that part? Thanks

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


This is how I’ve interpreted it so far. It wouldn’t let me do “+ choose field” and add the the Record Id as it is a computed field.

On testing it gives the error “record does not exist.”

After you create a new formula field called “Record ID” with the formula RECORD_ID() in AcademyTriggerEvent, it should look something like this:

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 7.10.25 PM

From there, you’d copy the value in the “Record ID” field and paste it into the Record ID field of the automation:
Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 7.12.12 PM

Does that make sense?