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4 - Data Explorer

I have a simple Zapier automation running creating a record in Base2 after certain criteria met in Base1, this is working fine. But I need to include a User in Base2, and Zapier doesn't seem able to do that unless I have a corresponding User field in Base1 -- but Base1 has no Users fields! I can't add everyone on my team to Base1 just to be able to do this automation, besides that it's adding them to a Base they never need to use and wasn't built for User Fields at all, it also will cause mayhem from the useless "you've been mentioned on this card" emails everyone will get. 

I just need a corresponding Name (linked record text field) to correspond with a User, without actually utilizing a User Field in Base1. Any advice? Airtable support doesn't help with Zapier and I didn't find any existing articles on this. 


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You should be able to assign users by updating the "User" type field with the Airtable account's email address:

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