Auto duplicate field data for every new record created

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4 - Data Explorer

I am using the long text field with rich text formatting to implement a checklist in my Airtable entries. What I would love to happen is for every new entry created, to have this specific rich text be added to every single entry so that each entry has the checklist instead of manually adding it to each one. Is anything like this possible?

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Welcome to the community, @Jeff_Gross! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Some Airtable fields support the creation of default values, which are added to all new records automatically. Unfortunately the long text field type isn’t one of those.

There are a few alternatives I can think of:

  1. Create a custom script using the Scripting block, which would make a new record and populate the appropriate field with the checklist. The downside here is that it’s still somewhat manual, requiring you to run the script as needed.
  2. Use either Zapier or Integromat to automatically spot new records and add the checklist. The downside to this is that it wouldn’t be instant. It would depend on how frequently the integration can run. Most free accounts won’t let a zap/scenario run more frequently than every 15 minutes.
  3. Make a bunch of records in advance, select the checklist field from one, and drag-fill the rest. This is still manual, but you can batch process a whole bunch and have them ready when you need them. Just schedule occasional times for more batch processing.
  4. Combine #1 and #3, and write a script that batch-creates a whole bunch of prepped records.
  5. Combine #2 and #3, and have Zapier or Integromat periodically create a batch of prepped records when you get down to the last one or two that were made from the last batch.