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4 - Data Explorer


is there a way to colour the background of cells, or better whole columns? What I’m trying to do is categorize the columns into different sections in a large table. I guess it is not possible since the filter and sort features colour the background of the according columns.

Is there some other way to categorize the columns?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hey @Nicolas_Rosen!

At this time, it is not possible to apply colors to specific fields beyond utilizing colored choices in the single/multi-select fields.

Despite this, I am curious to know a bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish when it comes to categorizing the fields that you are hoping to achieve with individual field coloring.

Could you possibly provide any more details or screenshots of what you’re aiming for?

Hi @Ben.Young,

thanks for the incredibly quick reply. Individual field colouring wouldn’t be as useful and only a semi useful workaround for what I’m trying to do. I’m basically “misusing” Airtable as a small CRM. One table is very large and synced with Data from the DB from my website. In order to keep it a bit more organized, I want to be able to colour whole columns in order to divide into sections. So have 10 columns with a slightly blue background, then 10 with a slightly green one etc. This would make it a lot easier to fly over the sections to get to where you need. Is there any way to categorize columns?


I should also find colouring field columns very useful, especially for separating field names into different themses or sections.  Currently the only way, (at least the only way i have found) to separate columns is to insert a blank column between them, (field name blank, blank 1, blank 2, etc).

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


We would like the same colouring feature, for the same reasons stated above. For now we will put spaces between some columns as suggested. I know this is essentially what views are for, but sometimes you want to see all your data at a glace and be able to see in groups or clusters. People who colour code sections of their spreadsheets in excel will appreciate this feature in Airtable. Hopefully it gets implemented one day!


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Field coloring has some fundamental uses such as "this is the column/field you need to edit", or "this field is calculated, so don't try to enter values".

Can also be very helpful when there are dozens of fields and you need a general bearing.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I want to use column colouring for highlighting the fields that are used in the page design extension, so the users know that these should be prioritised to be filled in

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

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