Call Log with user data overwriting?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I am aware there is no way to "overwrite" data but I'm trying to figure out how else I might accomplish what I need.

I have a very basic 2-table base.  Table 1 is "Call Log" and Table 2 is "Users".  I want to set up a default set of fields (location, type, job) that apply to specific people.  For example, "Bob" might default to Ohio, Office, Data Entry, whereas "Linda" might default to Kentucky, Warehouse, Stocking.  But as I do the weekly logs, their job scopes and locations might change.  If everything is added to the Call Log table from lookups (pulling the defaults) I know I can't directly edit them.  What would be a best-approach (I'm not against some scripting or automations either!) on handling when I maybe want to track that Bob is in Indiana and Linda is in Ohio.


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