Tie Slack User ID to Airtable User Account

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4 - Data Explorer

My end goal is to associate the Slack ID of the user that submitted each record in my primary base.

I currently have a 'User' column in my primary base that associates each record with an "owner". I'd like to be able for the record to automatically pull the Slack user ID for each User from a "Team Roster" table that holds the User and Slack information for each team member (or maybe there's a better way).

The only way I have found to do it so far is to use a 'Lookup' column in the primary base that references the "Team Roster" instead of using a 'User' column which ties the record to their Airtable account. This is not my preferred method as the lookup column selection is not as clean as a User selection when team members are choosing the owner of a record.

Primary Base:



Team Roster Base:




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