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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am a newbie to building out AirTable bases and am mainly working off of AirTable's Marketing Campaign Tracker base to make my life easier as my new team gets more and more campaigns in various stages.

AirTable's Gantt view with field dependencies is what made me move my tracking efforts over from Trello, but I am realizing the campaign management base may not exactly be what I had in mind for tracking how long the campaign is in each stage. 

I was curious if there is a newbie-friendly way (I AM willing to put time into it, but my skills are not good) to build a base to track the duration in days from the automatic single-select field value (such as not started) to the last field value (usually completed or approved). Because some campaign steps can be done together, or need to be done before another, I would also need a start date to reference. Ideally, I would love to reference the Marketing Campaign Tracker fields to get this duration and date started.

The goal is to be able to see how long our campaigns took in each stage so we can adequately communicate campaign timelines with the external stakeholders we are running these campaigns on behalf of. We would also like to streamline deliverables and the campaign setup lifecycle. Right now, we are largely in estimation mode and campaign launches keep getting pushed due to unrealistic/uninformed timelines. I want to be able to have a visual representation of actual values versus what we put on our briefs.

Further, if I were to create a base that serves this duration and referencing purpose, would AirTable capabilities allow me to stack the campaigns? For example, could I see the entire December Campaign Duration above a distinguished and separate December HOLIDAY Campaign? This would be for comparison purposes. 


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