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6 - Interface Innovator


I have an Airtable sheet where I write the payment dates of a detailed budget. Then, a calculate field shows the week number and year for that specific payment.

What I want to achieve is a way to generate columns (maybe in a new table) with the week numbers in the columns and a SUM of all the payments of that week, so I can develop a cash flow view with the SUM of the payments each week.

Any idea? Thanks for your help!

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I do feel like another table will help, but putting the weeks as fields will be a nightmare to set up. I’m picturing something where each week is a new record. As links come in to that record, you can sum the values of all linked records using a rollup field.

The system I’m envisioning that ties into that new table relies on knowing when the date for each payment record was last modified. Right now the only date visible is in the {FECHA} field, but formula fields can’t be checked to find their last modified time. Where is that field pulling its date from? A hidden field perhaps?

Hi Justin!

Thanks for your help. The field {Fecha} is a formula field that shows a specific date {Fecha Libre} if some predefined date {Fecha Clave} is not active for that record. Something like this :point_down:t4:

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