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4 - Data Explorer


I’m really confused about lookup fields and assumed they worked in a similar way to vlookup in excel and google sheets.

I have two tables:-


  • orderid
  • order name
  • price
  • productid
  • sku


  • productid
  • productname
  • sku

The Orders sku field needs updating with the sku field from the Products table.

Is this possible and can someone show me an example please.



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Lookup fields in Airtable do not work like vlookup in Excel. A vlookup in Excel search a range for a matching value, but an Airtable lookup field pulls in information from a linked record. Despite the similar sounding names, they do very different things.

I recommend you structure your base to have a junction table with linked records joining orders with products. The support article on many-to-many relationships has more information.