Free or pay to play Gnatt?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is there a way to pay JUST for the gnatt functionality or link airtable with another outside program? the free airtable functionality suits my needs except for wanting to try out Gnatt - but it would cost thousands of dollars for the experiment to upgrade the whole workspace. Is there a more cost effective solution for this functionality?

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That depends greatly on your definition of “Gnatt”. What are you referring to? Is it a GANTT chart of Airtable data that you require?

Yes. Sorry for the spelling error. I want to use Airtable to manage a major house renovation project, and want to use Gantt to help visualize the task dependencies and schedule

Yeah, ok.

If this is a one-and-done GANTT chart, there’s no need to pay for a Pro account. Simply use the free tier to create and manage all your project data and then export from time-to-time to CSV and import into a Google or Excel sheet and let those tools take over the task of data visualization.

There is also Aha! and a few others that have 30 day free trials if the project is a month or less. Another possible option is Coda which is like $10/month and includes a pretty nice seamless GANTT option.

Thank you @Bill.French. Yes, this is a one and done. I was hoping it was possible to just pay for that one capability without the whole pro account but I think i may be out of luck there. I’m exploring click-up…

Right - not offered as near as I am aware. I have lobbied for such pricing because no user who needs a little functionality should be forced to subsidize the costs of vastly more features for other users.