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7 - App Architect


AirTable introduce AI Feature few months ago but I don"t see Vector Search or Semantic Search.
I found this project Ask-Airy that provide a very interesting design a year ago.

  • It create an Embeding for each table's row
  • It create a HyDE of Row based on user query to build an Embeding
  • It search the results using Cosine Similarity (I'm struggle here)

I like the way it is done but I lack of explanations. I think AirTable should provide this kind of feature natively.

As a GPT developers I'm looking for RAG applications.

  • Yes I could use a SaaS database like Pinecore
  • Yes I could use Azure / OpenAI Search APIs
  • But what about AirTable ?

I have a lot of interesting Data into AirTable, I'd love to simply query AirTable with Semantic or Vector search then get top X results and fill back my LLM tools.

Any ideas ?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) are revolutionizing semantic search by understanding natural language queries and retrieving relevant information from vast datasets. xfinity billing customer support With their ability to comprehend context and semantics, GPTs enhance search accuracy, enabling users to find precise answers to complex queries. By leveraging advanced neural network architectures, semantic search powered by GPTs offers a more intuitive and efficient way to access knowledge across diverse domains and applications.