Re: Grouping by a linked field with multiple records.... creates problems.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all, Guessing this is a popular question, yet when I am searching the existing questions I've not yet found the solution. There's gotta be an easy fix.... right??? 


We've a base listing our clients. Each client might have between 1-3 staff assigned to support that client. For example: 

  • Steve, Jill, Carl supporting Client A
  • Steve supporting Client B
  • Jill supporting Client C
  • Carl supporting Client D

If I group the sheet by 'Assigned Staff' I get a list that looks Similar to above, but I am trying to produce a sheet that looks more like: 

  • Steve Supporting Client A + B
  • Jill Supporting Client A + C
  • Carl Supporting Client A + D

Whats the easiest way to achieve this? Would LOVE it if there is a known video out there that can walk me through the steps. 




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make Assigned staff linked field. When asked where to link, choose new table. It will contain list of staff linked to Clients. Use lookup or try rollups to get info in your desired form.

It already is a linked field. 


Could you give me an example please of how a lookup or rollup function would solve this?