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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, interested new user here.

I’m a Freelancer, and I already have over a thousand records from quotes that I’ve fulfilled in the past, but I don’t want to upload each one again on Airtable. Is there a way I can upload this information more easily/ quickly? Or would it still need to be done manually?

Also, the most time consuming part of my work is managing my projects (general workflow listed below). Do you know if it’s possible to make my workflow below more efficient on Airtable?

  1. A potential client/customer has to fill out a form on my website, and I automatically receive an email with the information they filled out.
  2. I then take all the information from their email, and enter it into my spreadsheet. After that, I figure out what the estimated cost will be based on the
    service tier that they chose.
  3. Next, I put all of the information together for the quote and copy it over to a
    template I’ve already set up in Microsoft Word. Lastly, I save the template as a PDF once it’s ready, and email it as an attachment to the potential client.

Is there any way I can speed up that process if I were to use Airtable?


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Hi Alice, and welcome to the community!

Yes, fully automate the entire process. This post might get your design juices flowing.