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Checkoff subtasks from a task

Hi,I have a base with a list of tasks that need to be performed. Every task has a list of different subtasks (about 6 per task) that need to be checked off by someone who performs the task. What would be the best way to approach this? Thanks,Mark 

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Creating or using fuzzy or wildcard dates

I want to create a field or use a field that will allow me to create "fuzzy dates".  I'm in a business where I want to create records containing a date field.  But, the date field sometimes needs to be flexible.  Sometimes, I know an exact date, like...

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Creating backlink field when a table is duplicated

Hi everyone.Ive got a table with about 8000 names in it,and this was quite happily linked to another table which has about 30 organisations in it. Totes awesome.Because of a change in the org, Ive needed to set up a new table with a lot of that data ...

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CKARC by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

allow CSV Import access without base editing

I'm managing Airtable for a large team of 60 people. We've designed a variety of interfaces for their needs, with the goal of preventing them from going into the base and tampering things.However, we still want them to use the CSV Import extension, w...

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Linking to filtered groups within a view

Hello!I am working on an inventory project and have created a view that groups items by location (ie. bin 1, bin 2, bin 3). I would like to make QR codes for each bin that you can scan and view its contents. I was wondering if it's possible to genera...

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Resolved! Sync between Team Workspace and Free Workspace

Hello All! I was wondering if anyone could explain in more detail how the sync feature works in relation to payment plans. We recently upgraded one of our workspaces to a team plan, and were looking at ways to have more users as read-only. I wanted t...

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are Synched records remembered for a while?

Hi there! I use a synched base to manage active studentsIf a student drops out of a course, they are labeled as ex-students, which lead to them being de-synced. They may return a few weeks before, taking another course. Marked as a student again, the...

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