If I Change the Field Type will it interfere with Syncing?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have all my Raw data going into one table, and then I'm syncing it to another table to customize it so it looks more ... understandable, with Dropdown and colour codes and such.  If I change the field types in the Second Table, will the syncing from the Raw table still populate?

example: the status field in the second table will be a single select (New, Old, or blah), when a record is synced with a status of 'New' (or dare I dream 'new', will the status be the single select choice of New be selected?

Also, what happens if there's an option that isn't in the list?

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How are you loading it into Airtable in the first table? If it's in CSV format, you can use the CSV import extension to save your field mappings so that every time you ingest new data, Airtable loads it with minimal clicks.

Single-selects and multi-selects will create new values if they aren't already in the list.