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I'm in over my head.  I got ChatGPT to create this script for me, so ... I don't know if I've activated SkyNet or not.So I'm creating an automation, and I noticed that sometimes there are duplicate records, because the Webhook comes in and runs when ...
I'm creating an automation in Airtable where the info from each stripe payment comes though. The price comes in without decimals, so I thought it would be easy to add a conditional action that is there isn't a '.' in the dynamic object I could just a...
I have a field that should be one of 4 items. But because my automations are messed up - mainly from zapier parser - they gave me more data than they should. It’s supposed to take a name, not the whole paragraph. Is there a way that I can make a fo...
I’m sorry, I’m a little new to this. I have built an inventory base to keep track of inventory or orders, i used a template from the Airtable universe. Airtable Coravin NL - Airtable Knowing exactly where your products are...
I have a table which has a Payout Month Column, which is a formula: DATETIME_FORMAT({Check-in date}, 'MMMM') How can I add the month number in front of the Month word (ie: 1 Jan)?