Linked Record Field Behavior in Standard vs. Junction Tables

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4 - Data Explorer

I have two tables X and Y, which have corresponding linked record fields. Consequently, if I update a linked record field value in table X, then the update is reflected in table Y. This is expected behavior.

Based on the 2 linked record fields mentioned, I used the ‘Create junction table’ script to create junction table X-Y. The corresponding linked record fields in X and Y are both shown in X-Y as a result. When I…

  1. update either of the 2 linked record field values in X-Y, the corresponding values in X and Y are not updated, or when I…

  2. update said values in table X or Y, junction table X-Y is not updated.

Is this behavior correct or is there a bug in how I’ve implemented the junction table?

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Welcome to the community, @jameel_harris! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: A junction table isn’t a different type of table. It’s just a way of designing a table to act as a junction between other tables. As such, it doesn’t change how link fields operate. They always behave the same way in any table you make.

Could you please share screenshots showing your setup and the problem that you’re experiencing?